joi, 29 martie 2012

Check the gas in your home on a regular basis

At least one time every year, you should have the entire gas system in your home checked. It’s a matter of great importance, as ignoring it might cause some serious problems for your household. First, there is the chance that an accident might occur and you really don’t want the type that involves leaking gas. There were enough tragedies over the years which would have been avoidable if landlords would have checked their systems at an appropriate time interval. Second, due to a faulty valve or some other broken component, you can end up having to pay for fixing the entire system or having to replace a serious amount of furniture and pipes. Not to say that the entire house would be turned upside down during the process and your normal routine would be disrupted. In order to keep everything safe and sound, you need professional gas engineers coming and checking everything once in a while. These are pros, doing this for a living and will not leave one stone (or one pipe) unturned until they will check everything is alright. Before hiring a gas engineer, you should check his or hers credentials, as well as the qualifications they have. Not all engineers are entitled to do all types of works and checks and you should talk to the engineers before starting the controls in order to see if they can grant you the proper documents after the checkups. Anyway, most companies employ engineers that are fully competent and legally allowed to carry on repairs and inspections. These engineers are able to install, repair and service a gas boiler, which is the device that heats up your apartment and gives you hot water in the bathroom. Having a broken boiler is a true pain and if you’re a landlord, you have to repair it in no time, as your tenants are entitled to benefit from it. You’ll end up paying much more for a new boiler and the installation than the price of the annual checkup- not to say that some companies offer free inspections as part of the package when you bought the boiler. Either way, never ignore the regular checkups of your boiler and never try to do it yourself. The DIY (do it yourself) mentality is very dangerous when it comes to gas systems and, even if you think you know everything about pressure, pipes, boilers and stuff, you shouldn’t touch those installations if you’re not a professional. Also, it’s quite illegal to do this if you’re not registered, so the safest thing to do is hire a gas engineer to do this for you. Also, engineers are able to repair and offer support for other types of home improvement operations, like central heating repairs. Just like boilers, central heating systems have to be repaired by professionals and shouldn’t be approached by amateurs. These systems are very sensitive and one wrong move with one can make the difference between life and a tragedy. That’s why you should have the phone number of a good gas engineer or plumber in your phonebook, as you will have, sooner or later, have to deal with some issues (maybe just preventive) with your boiler or central heating system. There isn’t anything more dangerous than working with gas and you want the best professionals around to do that in your house.

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