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CHICAGO, IL private jet charter

Chicago, also known as “Windy City” because of the cold winds sweeping the city especially during winter, is the third most populated US city, after New York and Los Angeles and it’s as iconic as those two when it comes to American culture and economy. Chicago is a city of superlatives, every way you look it at. It’s the most populated city in Midwestern United States, with the actual city and surroundings, dubbed Chicagoland, being the 27th most populous region in the entire world. The city’s O’Hare International Airport is the second busiest airport in the entire world in terms of traffic, having to deal with about 40 million travelers per year.

 In terms of economy, Chicago is one of the most important financial centers in the world, being actually labeled as one of the 10 most important cities in terms of economy in the entire world. Chicago has a pivotal role in American culture, being one of the core places on which American identity was built over the centuries. The city has many nicknames, the most famous being Windy City- and there many legends about how the city got the nickname. One of them refers to the winds the city has to deal with because of the proximity to Lake Michigan, while another story says that Chicago people like to brag and thus blow a lot of wind. Also, Chicago is the scene where gangsters gained status in the 20s and the place of operation for iconic mobster Al Capone. There were more than 1000 gangs in Chicago during the 20s, while the city became a major industrial center around the same time.

Chicago has a humid continental climate, with four clear seasons throughout the year. While the winter is very cold, windy, snowy and dry, while summers are quite humid and hot, with an average of almost 30 degrees Celsius. Chicago is one of the “tallest” cities in the world, as it has a great density of skyscrapers. Chicago loves steel and you can see that in all the steel framed building populating the breathtaking city center. The city hosts the country’s two tallest towers, namely Willis Tower and the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Chicago has many attractions when it comes to nightlife. Besides the iconic jazz clubs, appeared during the industrial boom of the 20s, you can check out neighborhoods specialized in Vietnamese, Polish, Indian, Italian or Korean cuisine, just to name a few.

 Improvisational theater was created in Chicago, with the city being now host of some of the most important theater companies in the world, including Steppenwolf Theater Company, Victory Gardens Theater and Goodman Theater. Classical music is also held in high regard in Chicago, with the world renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the more progressive Chicago SInfonietta, which combines newer influences with classical standards in music. Chicago also has many parks, most of them hosting concerts and theater plays during the summer, with Polish, Lithuanian and other ethnic communities being very present on the cultural stage of Chicago.

Chicago is the third American city in terms of hosting conventions and attracts more than 30 million tourists every year. Chicago private jet charter hire is a good solution for those looking to fly in and out, for a short business meeting, as the very crowded normal airlines packages are quite tiresome and might throw you off schedule.  

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